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Posted Monday, July 6th, 2020

Picture this, summer has come, and the wife is on your case to mow the lawn. You head into the garage and get the mower out. It’s been sitting stagnant for a month or two over winter and now you are struggling to start it. Is it broken? Should you kick it a few times? How about neither, chances are, the fuel needs replacement and your mower will be good as gold.

Apply this analogy to a back-up generator for a hospital facility and removing fuel would be a costly exercise not to mention detrimental in an extremely critical event. In this scenario a fuel polishing system would be ideal as it is automated to remove water and any foreign matter from the fuel. Like a filtration device, but automated to occur as and when you need based on their set up. This means that when you need to run the back-up generator your fuel is ready to go, which is important.

Cleaner fuel means more efficient usage for when you need it, whilst helping the environment in the process.

Image of Fuel Polishing System on SuperVault Rectangular Fuel Tank

Fuelchief can set up a system such as this for a SuperVault back-up generator fuel tank (at an additional cost). An example of such is in the picture for the client to the left. This tank was to be placed to support a back up generator system, so it was crucial that the fuel in the tank was ready to kick start as and when needed.


Image of Fuel Polishing System on SuperVault Rectangular Fuel Tank

The components shown from far left:

  • Timer – The fuel polisher is controlled by a pre-set timer to cycle the cleaning of fuel on a regular basis.
  • Pump – this runs the operation of the fuel polishing and is connected to;
  • Suction & Return Port (Through 2 Donaldson Filters) – Fuel is drawn from one end of the tank, filtered and returned to the other end of the tank, ensuring that all fuel is uniformly polished to ensure optimum quality for the engine or burner.
  • 2 x Donaldson filters – these filter the fuel to ensure it is clean.

The primary job of a fuel polishing system does combine standard parts such as filters and pumps to clean fuel, however together they work as an intelligent system to provide a unique holistic solution to look after the entire tank, its contents and supporting parts.

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Blog article by Praneel Lal

Image of Fuel Polishing System on SuperVault Rectangular Fuel Tank