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Sebco Blue 4,800L Bunded AdBlue Tank

  • Tank Type: Bunded storage and dispensing tank
  • Location: Above ground
  • Safe Fill Level: 4,750 litres
  • External dimensions: 2450 x 2300 (diameter x height)
  • Flow rate: 40lpm
  • Longevity and durability: constructed from UV-resistant, AdBlue-suitable polyethylene.
  • Suits a variety of industries: holding capacity allows for substantial storage, great for agricultural mid-size construction
  • Double-skinned design: for extra durability and security
  • Spill containment: due to double wall (self-bunded) design spills are contained in the unit
  • Security: Lockable access door with pump isolation switch
  • Bulkhead Lighting
  • Quality Assurance: HSNO compliant, ISO9001
  • Easy access for maintenance and measuring: Lockable front door access with gas struts
  • Warranty: 12 month warranty
  • Installation Requirements: As per supplied technician instruction book

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Trouble-free tanks for the storage of AdBlue are made of materials which are UV resistant and incorporate accessories and fittings made of stainless steel. The polyethylene of which they are made is TUV certified and has the strongest UV10 stabiliser available on the market.

Your AdBlue storage can be taken care of with the Sebco Blue range of tanks. This Sebco Blue is the largest Adblue tank we have, and has the capacity to hold up to 4,800L of fuel. These tanks have been designed to meet the most stringent environmental standards and to operate in the most severe conditions.

This is a great option for companies as it allows you to:

  • Purchase AdBlue at wholesale prices
  • A quick return on investment
  • Buffer storage use during dynamic price fluctuations

Our Sebco Blue tanks are designed to be durable and for situations where the tank will be subject to frequent relocation (transport empty only) and where increased lifetime is of importance.


12 month warranty from date of shipment

Package Options

Package options for the Sebco 2300 Blue range are as follows:

  • SBA4800BAS4M – Sebco 4800 Adblue Tank with 230v Pump Kit, with 4m Hose and Manual Nozzle
  • SBA4800COM4M – Sebco 4800 Adblue Tank with 230V Puisi AdBlue Pump Kit, Filter, 4m Hose, Auto Nozzle & Holster, Flow Meter and Night Light
  • SBA4800FC – Sebco 4800 Litre Adblue Tank with Lowara 70/3 Pump, Forecourt Configuration

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