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Sapphire Online Mobile Solution

  • Available in 12 or 24volt
  • Built for the hard knocks: In-built vibration protection. Stainless steel construction with alphanumeric, (Qwerty) keyboard makes entering asset numbers easy
  • Wont drain your battery: Incorporates a smart hibernation mode
  • Guaranteed connectivity: Already 3G and wifi enabled.
  • Fuel card use: use your existing fuel cards to make it easy for your drivers
  • Prompt reporting: every home depot transaction is on your own private web portal within seconds
  • Track litres: allows you to track every litre of fuel no matter where your fleet re-fuels from. Monitor every litre of fuel that is delivered, pumped and consumed.
  • Automated: automated reporting on any tank, any site, any vehicle or any user, saving office downtime
  • Vast industry use: perfect for bus depots, local authority yards, transport depots and marinas (just to name a few)
  • Saving money: cut your fuel costs with total efficiency and peace of mind
  • Improve fleet performance: using real-time driver and vehicle stat reports that are easy to understand
  • Greater Control: 24/7 access to your depot stocks and fuelling systems
  • Compatible with all major pump suppliers including Compac, Pumptronics, Gilbarco and Dresser Wayne.
  • Warranty: 12 month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Part number: SAPPH-0005
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Designed specifically for fuelling operations on mobile bowsers or tankers.

When it comes to monitoring your fuel, the Sapphire range of products are your number one choice. Sapphire Online (and Sapphire Lite) are largely becoming top priority for a range of industries who need to manage their fleet fuel consumption including public transport depots, civil contractors, transport operators and marinas. The benefit of this fuel management solution – is the real-time reporting which can be viewed in Total Site Manager (TSM); a cloud-based web portal that can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

Using PIN, card and/or contactless technology, the Sapphire uploads each transaction to the Total Site Manager (TSM) website the minute the nozzle is returned to the holster. The system is compatible with all major fuel cards, in fact, you can use any card with a magnetic-stripe on the back, which makes this system ideal for the business that wants to use one card to control fuel drawn in their own yard and on the road.

Determine the level of security you need at your pump by choosing the required prompts: vehicle or user number, hours, odometer or any combination of these. It will control up to 4 pumps on site and even better still, all 4 pumps can operate at the same time while the system records every piece of information that you ask it to.

Warranty: Fuelchief offer a 12-month warranty on their Sapphire Online FMS.

Package Options

Options for fuel management with Sapphire:

  • SAPPH-0005 – Sapphire Online Mobile Solution
  • SAPPH-0001 – Sapphire with Card Reader Terminal – Mechanical Pump Ready (2 x Pumps)
  • SAPPH-0006 – Sapphire with Card Reader Terminal – Compac Dispenser Ready (2 x Dispenser)
  • SAPPH-0002 – Sapphire with Card & Key Reader
  • SAPPH-0007 – Sapphire Generator
  • SAPPH-0011 – Sapphire Mifare

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