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Posted Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

After the announcement that was made on Monday April 20th from Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, Fuelchief will be taking the appropriate steps this week to move into Level 3 effective Tuesday 28th of April.


What Level 3 Means For Fuelchief And Our Customers


  • Our Sales Team

    Our sales team will still be operating from home (as they have been during Level 4 lockdown).  The team have been at full strength and available full-time during the lockdown and will continue to be so during Level 3. All functions such as proposals, drawings, scoping projects, consultations continue to operate for all customers new and old through our sales team. Our sales team can be contacted via info@fuelchieftanks.com or via phone (NZ/INT: +64 3 384 2380) (AUSTRALIA: 1300 899 038) or via our their direct details available on our team contacts page.

  • Meetings with Customers

    These will continue via phone/Zoom and Microsoft Teams as our customers need. We welcome new customers to contact us if they would like to initiate a Zoom video call at anytime by emailing info@fuelchieftanks.com, we can then point you in the right direction of our customer team. No face to face meetings will occur for any of our sales team during Level 3. Please feel free to book a meeting with any of team via their direct contact details on the team contacts page. Or use the numbers listed above.

  • Proposals/ Order Placement

    Fuelchief still operate on a 24 hour window to initiate communication with new and current customers once a request is filed through our support, product quote, or chat (which you will find on the right hand corner of your screen) channels. If you have the direct details of your Key Account Manager, they will be available to take your enquiry as normal during Level 3. Orders can be placed directly with our sales team at anytime by emailing sales@fuelchieftanks.com. We look forward to connecting with you all as you require so do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Orders Made Pre-Lockdown

    If you are a customer who has placed an order before or within lockdown your sales rep will have called to discuss lead times and time frames with you. If you do need us to get in touch with you regarding a tank or delivery and have not heard from us email    sales@fuelchieftanks.com or phone our numbers: NZ/INT: +64 3 384 2380 | AUSTRALIA: 1300 899 038 and we will get back to you promptly. As our production facility re-commences with our key manufacturing team we will be working hard to get back to our usual time-frames for tank production.

  • Orders Made Post Level 3

    As mentioned above too, our production facility will re-open at Level 3 for production. Our key manufacturing team we will be working hard to get back to our usual time-frames for tank production. Please speak to your sales rep to get clarification of your order and time frames at the time of placing your order with them.

  • Manufacturing and Production Teams

    Our manufacturing and production facility in New Zealand (and Australia) will be fully operational during this time. Our entire manufacturing and production team will follow a COVID-19 Sanitation Check List every morning during Level 3. Below are the links to the documents and procedures Fuelchief will be following during this time:

    Covid-19 Daily Reporting Check List
    Covid-19 Sanitation Process
    Covid-19 High Used Surfaces Sanitation register
    Covid-19 Transport and Deliveries protocol

  • Deliveries to our Manufacturing and Production facilities 

    Our Christchurch and Parkes (Australia NSW) locations will be open for deliveries. Deliveries can be left at the inwards goods counter at Christchurch and Parkes locations. If you are uncertain about where to deliver and processes involved during Level 3 please call our direct contacts for clarification on delivery day: Kurt Hansen (NZ) – +64 384 2380 | Michael Trueber (AUSTRALIA) – 1300 899 038

  • Our Accounts Team | Design Team | Marketing Team | Management Team | Technical Support | Customer Service

    Our above teams will continue to work from home during Level 3 as they have been during lockdown. The team is available during office hours for your requests so please feel free to reach out to info@fuelchieftanks.com and this will be passed on to the  appropriate department to handle in a timely manner. If the matter is urgent, please go through our phone channels or direct to your contact via the team contacts page.

  • Phone / Questions

    If you have any concerns or questions please contact us – https://fuelchieftanks.com/contact/contact-us/