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Posted Sunday, June 13th, 2021


Spark is one of New Zealand’s largest telecommunications provider and has been since changing its name from Telecom on August 2014. Spark New Zealand (known locally as Spark) provides fixed line telephone services, a mobile network, internet services, and ICT to NZ Businesses.


Spark faced a challenge around ensuring their building in Porirua New Zealand met critical infrastructure standards, there was a request to upgrade the building that was currently in place. The existing telecommunications building was built circa 1980’s and also needed to ensure its critical back-up power system was upgraded to meet new regulations also. One of the major challenges in this project was the major constraints around space. The ground floor had very little headroom, and the access door was relatively narrow for loading in major pieces of gear.

Fuelchief SuperVault for spark

SuperVault 22,900L fuel tank


Aurecon NZ, a leading engineering company, were selected to handle the engineering design for this project and approached Fuelchief to discuss the options for storing 20,000L – 25,000L of diesel for the new back-up generator to the facility.

After discussions it was agreed a Fuelchief SuperVault SV4 with a 22,900L capacity and dual compartment would be constructed to meet new regulations for the telco building. The custom made tank was designed on an angle and at 4.9 metres long, was able to successfully fit into the allocated spec, and at 3.4m high, there was even enough headroom for the pipework design to be constructed.

A unique add on for this project were flexible dipsticks that were constructed to ensure that the lack of height in the structure was not a hindrance to monitor fuel once the tanks were commissioned.

The SuperVault was of course the ideal solution for the job as it is the only tank with a 4 hour fire rating, and multi hazard approval that can be used to store diesel safely in a building, without the need of expensive fire rated rooms or walls.

The dual compartment component of the fuel tank design works in two was, firstly, it mimics having two tanks essentially, and secondly it mitigates the risk to the diesel supply, while the slope of the tank keeps the diesel clean (you can read more about the importance of sloped floors in your tank here).

Fuelchief SuperVault for Spark Telecommunications building


The final outcome for Spark was the successful, on-time installation and commissioning of the back-up power system, having the most secure fuel storage method that fitted inside the building.


Fuelchief SuperVault Data Centre Spark Tank view

Fuelchief SuperVault for Spark Telecommunications building

Installation Video

Here is a time lapse video of the installation of the SuperVault 22,900L fuel tank for the Spark Porirua upgrade project.