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Posted Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Sandspit Marina is a state-of the-art boutique marina that commenced in 2016. It has 131 berths ranging in size from 12 to 18 metres and caters for the members of the Sandspit Yacht Club and visiting boaties. The marina is located in the Matakana River at the Sandspit Yacht club. In the heart of the Matakana vineyard region with bush walks and beaches all around, the protected harbour is a great jumping off point for trips out to Kawau Island, the Hauraki Gulf, Gt Barrier Island and for those heading north.


Grant Brown of Sandspit Marina was looking for a solution to refuel and monitor boats that were moored in their berths and those who would pass through in need of fuel. The unit needed to fit into an allocated space and to ensure it was environmentally sound being so close to the pristine waters of the Matakana River in Northern New Zealand.  Easy use, accessibility and easy charging to customers was a priority, along with a level meter to ensure when fuel was low the supplier (Toll fuel) was able to head out and refuel the tank quickly.

Grant Thomspon Sandspit Marina Fuelchief DC Series tank

Fuelchief DC Series fuel tank at Sandspit Marina


The solution for an onsite fuel tank was provided by Toll Petroleum and the tank selected was the Fuelchief DC Series DC100 10,000L fuel tank. This is ideal for marinas and can be fitted with the Sapphire Fuel Management System which allows for real time fuel monitoring down to each user and existing cards and/or a toggle system can be used. The tank for Sandspit Marina was also fitted with a Levno App system which aids in alerting fuel companies when to head out and re-fill the fuel tank when it is getting low.



Grant Brown Sandspit Marina Fuelchief DC Series tank


Grant is very happy with the outcome of the DC Series tank; and is dead keen to get a 30,000L tank put next to it.

Grant commented “…I recommend anyone considering fuel for their trucks or other marina operators to get in touch with Fuelchief they were just dead easy, just bang on.”

Grant Brown Sandspit Marina Fuelchief DC Series tank

Sandspit Marina Video

See what Grant has to say about having a Fuelchief DC Series diesel fuel tank on site.

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