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Posted Monday, November 9th, 2020


NZ Bus is New Zealand’s largest urban public transport business and operator of metropolitan bus services predominantly in Auckland and Wellington. Built on a 25-year track record as a successful bus operator; NZ bus operates a fleet of over 630 buses from 11 depots and employs approximately 1,300 people.


NZ Bus were renovating one of their busy downtown bus depots, which included the upgrading of their bulk diesel storage tank. Due to the neighbouring developments and wanting to maximize the room they had available on the site; the old tank that was currently on site did not comply to the new proposed location (close to the boundary) and therefore Fuelchief were approached.

In the early planning stages, the consultants had questions around the benefits of the SuperVault tank. Our team worked with them to meet required specifications including capacity, location, applicable regulations and layout integrations.

Fuelchief SuperVault for NZ Bus

Fuelchief NZ Bus SuperVault at Halsey Street


Fuelchief provided NZ Bus with a SuperVault Cylindrical 45,000L tank. This tank is 4-hour fire rated with an SwRI 95-03 rating. This also met with WorkSafe’s compliances too which made it the most effective solution. The additional features that were custom for the tank also allowed us the ability to reduce the isolation distances to the boundary by half (as per AS1940).

This tank was best suited for the project due to its certification to SwRI 95-03. For this project it meant the separation distances to a public and protected place could be halved and allowed for better utilisation of the site.

In addition to the above, with the feature of a certified impact rating, the SuperVault gave the customer added peace of mind on a site with a lot of heavy vehicle movements.

Fuelchief NZ Bus - SuperVault image of the tank on site


The SuperVault was supplied to Carlyon Civil, who were contracted to do the fuel installation including the tank, bowsers etc. The SuperVault was delivered to site on schedule to allow streamline installation immediately and contract completion.

Fuelchief NZ Bus - SuperVault image of the tank on site