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Posted Monday, November 22nd, 2021

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Freestyle Hops is a New Zealand hop garden that grows hops in the Northern part of the South Island. Their focus is to grow exceptional aromatic and flavourful hops to the world for craft breweries to make exceptional beer.


The Upper Moutere hop garden had a very old coal-fired boiler on site which was demolished and replaced with two modern, state-of-the-art diesel boilers so a large diesel storage tank was required to feed these boilers.  Along with the boilers is the machinery onsite, which consists of the running of 15 x tractors in the harvest season which work for fourteen hours each day. During the harvest season the site uses 6,500-7,000L every few days so a tank was required that would cope with the boiler usage as well as being able to keep refuelling the machines.

Sean Riley with Fuelchief Diesel Fuel Tank


Boilers that are fuelled from DCD200


Sean Riley of Freestyle Hops, who is the General Manager of Freestyle Hops in NZ was pricing fuel from various distributors in his area who were offering him a tank as part of a fuel supply contract however he felt the 10,000L tank size they were offering wasn’t going to sufficient enough for the amount of fuel his operation was using.  Sean also decided he would prefer to own his own fuel tank and was referred to Fuelchief by Tasman Heating & Combustion, the supplier of his new boiler system.

After qualifying Sean’s requirements, Fuelchief proposed a DCD200 (18,500L) tank complete with the Sapphire Lite fuel management system. This would allow Sean to accurately keep an eye on the times which his workers were refuelling machines and the amount of fuel he would be using.






Fuelchief DCD200 Fuel Tank


Sean is very pleased with his new tank and especially like the dual usage the tank gives him of keeping his boilers running while also refuelling his machinery fleet. Sean is also looking at another 2 x 40,000L tanks within the next couple of years for some of his other hop gardens.

Fuelchief DCD200 Fuel Tank

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