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Posted Monday, June 21st, 2021

Avant Equipment


Avant Equipment Australia is a family business specialising in importing and distributing high quality Avant mini articulated loaders and attachments Australia-wide.

Avant Equipment Australia focuses on machinery-based solutions for their customers that will empower their business and help them to become more efficient. For over 25 years, Avant Equipment Australia has stocked the best compact articulated loaders on the market, meeting all applications and all needs of their customers.





As a customer-centric business in a competitive environment, Avant Equipment Australia provide each customer with a full tank of fuel when a new machine is purchased. They also run several delivery trucks as well as light vehicles for sales & administration staff. Currently using an old 2000lt tank and pump combination, Paul Gage of Avant Equipment Australia wanted a modern, compliant and larger onsite fueling solution to increase storage capacity and future proof their fuel storage facility.

Avant Tractor

Fuelchief Tank at Avant Equipment


Through the Fuelchief website, Paul contacted Fuelchief’s Denis Dardengo to discuss his unique situation. Having examined his fuel usage now and into the future, Paul was focused on the Fuelchief DC50. With a safe fill of 4629 litres, this efficiently sized tank allows for flexible bulk fuel deliveries from the local fuel supplier; providing Avant Equipment Australia with economical fuel purchases.

Denis was able to showcase the DC50 and a simple to use 240v Fuelchief pump kit with a 10m hose reel as a great solution for fueling the Avant Equipment Australia fleet. With Denis’s presentation outlining the value of the entire package, Paul decided to go ahead and purchase the Fuelchief DC50 and pumping package.

Avant Solution


Avant Equipment Australia now enjoys larger, cost effective fuel deliveries and faster fill times through the innovative Fuelchief DC50 and pump combination.

Avant Solution

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