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Posted Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

The Sapphire fuel management system comes in two popular options.

  • The Sapphire Online – this is the top of the range system from Europe which incorporates the entire management solution for your company’s fuels, oils and other additives and monitors an array of parameters to assist management teams in tracking efficiencies in their organisation.
  • The Sapphire Lite – this is our entry level option which provides much of the same solutions as the Sapphire Online, however does not have the existing card reader technology option.

Did you know that you can fit a Sapphire to an existing stationary or transportable tank?

Yes you read correctly.  The Sapphire system can be easily retrofitted to a stationary fuel tank (such as any of our Container tank or DC series tanks) or a transportable fuel tank (such as our TransCubes)

Examples of  the Sapphire on stationary tanks are shown below:


Here are some pictures of the Sapphire fuel management system on our TransCube transportable tanks:



The first step in the process of implementing a Sapphire unit to your system is to ensure that the tank can undergo the correct set up. This can involve electrical work, the cutting of holes in the pump bay to fit the system and most importantly electrical work (which can include the installation of pump meters etc).

At Fuelchief we recommend any commissioning and de-commissioning of tanks is carried out by a proper test certifier, installer and electrician.

If you need assistance or would like to chat over this process, we have our team available to assist you.

Please contact Fuelchief: info@fuelchieftanks.com


Blog article by Praneel Lal