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Utecube Express 600L


  • Quantity: 600L
  • Powerful flow: 80 LPM flow rate with 12 volt pump and cables. Supplied with sturdy battery clips for connection.
  • Compliant: the tank has been pressure tested to ensure quality and compliance.
  • Durable design: high-grade aluminium (steel storage tank) design for durability when on the ute and on-site
  • Easily transportable: full load lifting eyes for tying down on the ute or placement on-site
  • Surge proof: internal surge baffles to prevent fuel surge during transportation
  • Custom delivery outlets: 4m delivery house and nozzle (various sizes available)
  • Custom pumping solution: range of pump options to suit your requirements
  • Secure placement: due to tank base skids
  • Storage: can store diesel
  • Upgrade options: hose reels, digital flow meters, lockable pump cover
  • Warranty: 12 months
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The largest of the Utecube Express models is the Utecube Express 600L. This tank takes the refuelling needs of businesses to the next level. With a large holding capacity and an aluminium durable unit, the Utecube Express 600L can face the toughest conditions.


A 12 month warranty is offered for the range of Fuelchief Utecube Express tanks.

Package Options

The Utecube 600L models have different configurations to suit your needs. Below are the options we have for this model:

  • FCAUT600-12-45 – Utecube Express 600, 12v, 45LPM
  • FCAUT600-12-60 – Utecube Express 600, 12v, 60LPM
  • FCAUT600-12-24-60 – Utecube Express 600 with Panther 12/24v, 60LPM
  • FCAUT600-12-80 – Utecube Express 600, 12v, 80LPM
  • FCAUT600-24-80 – Utecube Express 600, 24v, 80LPM

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