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Sapphire Receipt Printer Terminal

Dimensions: 300mm x 305mm x 150mm (w x h x d)
Power Supply: 12 or 24 volt
Temperature Range: -45° to +55°
Technology: Thermal printer accepting receipt reels 80mm in width and 280m length.
Security: Secure connection to Sapphire
Install Time: 2-3 hours
Compatibility: Compatible with all terminals in the Sapphire range
Part Number: SAPPH-0009

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Compliment your Sapphire Terminal with the new ‘bolt-on’ thermal receipt printing system from Fuelchief. Compatible with terminals within the Sapphire range; the Sapphire Receipt Printer offers the perfect solution when hardcopy receipts for transactions are required – in particular for the resale of fuel in conjunction with our NMI Approved Sapphire unit (National Measurement Institute).

Sapphire Receipt uses the tried and tested thermal printer which removes the need for traditional (and less reliable) ink cartridges. The Sapphire Receipt unit also holds a substantial receipt reel of 280m (on each roll).

Package Options

Below are the Sapphire options:

  • SAPPH-0009 – Sapphjre Receipt Printer Terminal
  • SAPPH-0001 – Sapphire with Card Reader Terminal – Mechanical Pump Ready (2 x Pumps)
  • SAPPH-0006 –  Sapphire with Card Reader Terminal – Compac Dispenser Ready (2 x Dispenser)
  • SAPPH-0002 – Sapphire with Card & Key Reader
  • SAPPH-0007 – Sapphire Generator
  • SAPPH-0011 – Sapphire Mifare
  • SAPPH-0005 – Sapphire with card reader mobile

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