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Sapphire Generator Terminal


  • Prompt reporting: every home depot transaction is on your own private web portal within seconds
  • Robust design: stainless steel construction with alphanumeric, (Qwerty) keyboard makes entering asset numbers easy
  • Track litres: allows you to track every litre of fuel no matter where your fleet re-fuels from. Monitor every litre of fuel that is delivered, pumped and consumed.
  • Automated: automated reporting on any tank, any site, any vehicle or any user, saving office downtime
  • Vast industry use: perfect for hospitals, local events, data centres and festivals (just to name a few)
  • Saving money: cut your fuel costs with total efficiency and peace of mind
  • Improve fleet performance: using real-time driver and vehicle stat reports that are easy to understand
  • Greater Control: 24/7 access to your depot stocks and fuelling systems
  • Compatible with all major pump suppliers including Compac, Pumptronics, Gilbarco and Dresser Wayne.
  • Warranty: 12 month manufacturer’s warranty


For more information you can download the specification sheet or contact Fuelchief directly.

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Fuel is a major cost associated in the running of a generator. Sapphire Generator provides a full onsite breakdown of fuel costs, giving you the information needed to reconcile and account for the total amount of fuel consumed and delivered, on site, live. Sapphire Generator will record, and report live to our cloud, fuel delivered to site, fuel stored in your bulk tank and the fuel burn of up to 4 generators feeding from the one bulk tank and also light vehicle refuelling functionality.

Sapphire Generator uses real-time technology to monitor and report all activity between the bulk tank and generators measuring all fuel delivered to all generators and fuel returned back to the bulk tank to calculate the exact burn-rate of each generator.

Burn rate reports are easily accessed through the TSM portal. Sapphire Generator has an integrated router to take advantage of 3G or 4G communication. The built-in GPS module and antenna will automatically update the web portal with tracking and location services.

Sapphire Generator is perfect for construction projects and critical applications such as hospitals and data centers and major outdoor live events.

Warranty: Fuelchief offer a 12-month warranty on their Sapphire Generator FMS.

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