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Ole T5020 Tank Gauge Unit


  • Accuracy: +/‑0.25% of tank capacity
  • Liquid options: suitable with diesel, biodiesel up to B100, AdBlue & antifreeze
  • Adjustable: resolution and safe working capacity
  • Tank configurations: suits tanks 1m ‑ 10m high. Probe can be extended to 100m
  • Electronic display: with backlight (turns off after 1 hour)
  • Weatherproof: to comply with IP55
  • 24/7 info: gives continuous readout in litres & shows a % bar
  • Various power source: power supply can be 230V, 110V or 24VDC
  • Various outputs: Includes 4‑20mA outputs & Modbus RS485 to connect to a BMS system
  • Electronic: tank probes are an electronic pressure sensor with a 1″ BSPT male fitting
  • Probes: level probes must be suspended 50mm from the bottom of the tank
  • 1 gauge required per tank
  • Indoor/outdoor: for out-door use, from -10°C to + 60°C
  • Bund probe option
  • Relay board fits inside gauge housing, 4 volt free outputs
  • Compliance: meets compliance requirements of BS799
  • Warranty: 12 month warranty
  • Part number: LEGA-0008
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The OLE T5020 is a tank gauge unit that continuously measures the fuel level of your tank. It allows you to read the level remotely via the internet via the addition of a weblogger or by coupling to a device connected to the internet, (eg: Fuel Management Terminals).  The OLE T5020 replaces the T4020; offering better accuracy with data and is more affordable. The OLE T5020 is rated weatherproof IP65 (meaning that it is ok to be left out in the rain). It can be calibrated with other OLE products (contact OLE directly for details).

Warranty: Fuelchief offer a 12-month warranty on their OLE T5020 Tank Gauge Unit.

Package Options

Product options for the OLE T5020 from Fuelchief are listed below:

  • LEGA-0008 – OLE T5020 Tank Gauge and Bund Alarm
  • LEGA-0018 – OLE T5020 Tank Gauge

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