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Everlink AFM HV


  • Full stainless steel construction 
  • Back lit stainless steel keypad
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Real-time (online) management software
  • Multiple ID types can be used on a single system
  • Up to 8000 users per enterprise, upgradable to 20000
  • Up to 100 security profiles per enterprise
  • Expandable to 16 pumps
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • 4G, CAT-M1 & LAN communication options provide optimum coverage range
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The Everlink AFM Controller is a fully-fledged fluid management solution. It utilises the intuitive cloud based Everlink management software.

Using the inbuilt stainless-steel keypad and RFID reader and add on optional card readers and Bluetooth readers the user can you choose between a large range of access IDs and can configure the system with a vast range of security profiles to ensure all required fuel tracking and security is logged and managed.

The Everlink AFM connects to the Everlink Cloud via 4G, CAT-M1 or LAN communication options.

As will all Everlink FMS, you can choose between a flush mounted unit or a surface mounted unit.

The Everlink AFM Controller can manage two pumps as standard but can be expanded to 16 pumps with additional Everlink and third party expansion modules. Everlink supports an increasing range of 3rd party dispensers and ATG systems via pump communication protocols.

The Everlink AFM by default holds up to 8000 users per enterprise but is upgradeable to 20000 and can handle up to 100 security profiles per enterprise.

Warranty: Fuelchief offer a 12-month warranty on the Everlink AFM Fuel Management System

Package Options

The Everlink fuel management package options are as follows:

  • EVERLINK-0001 – Everlink AFM Controller-Dual Pump-Flush Mount with GSM module & SIM
  • EVERLINK-0003 – Everlink Micro HV – Single Pump-Flush Mount with GSM Module & SIM, mains PSU, Remote Antenna
  • EVERLINK-0005 – Everlink Micro LV – single pump – SURFACE mount with GSM & SIM, 12-24V, 9A/Hr battery & antenna

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