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Posted Monday, May 17th, 2021

Confined spaces can be below or above ground and are found on most job sites. Each year many workers are injured or even killed while performing their daily work activities in confined spaces.

Health and safety is an area of importance and continuous improvement to Fuelchief and the products we supply to our customers. Our large customised fuel tanks such as the SuperVault Aviation Series, Cylindrical Series and custom Vanguards at times are specified to fit a descent and rescue device for those who will be maintaining or working on the fuel tank.

Confined spaces have limited openings for entry and exit which complicates rescue/ retrieval and other emergency response services. These, often dangerous, work environments are enclosed or partially enclosed and not designed or intended for long-term human occupancy. A restrictive confined space can represent health and safety risks to anyone who enters.

A descent and rescue device (such as that pictured below) is used to raise or lower a fallen or injured worker to safety or retrieve him from a confined space.



Confined Space Rescue System SuperVault

Confined Space Rescue System SuperVault

Fuelchief are able to add these to our welded range of tanks and will need to be specified in the design stage. If you would like to find out more let us know.

Video of winch set up for confined space retrieval device

This video shows the top of an above ground fuel tank; the SuperVault; set up with winch for the 3m confined space rescue system to be attached.