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Posted Sunday, April 11th, 2021



Mercury are one of New Zealand’s largest providers of Energy to residential and commercial businesses in the country. Mercury harnesses the power of water through nine hydro plants along the Waikato River to produce about 10% of New Zealand’s electricity. The great thing about hydro generation is that it can be increased or decreased quickly to meet peak demand for electricity. Mercury’s hydro system is the largest peaker in the North Island – and located close to the country’s largest city Auckland.

The challenge MB Century faced (a supplier to Mercury) was that their client needed a replacement waste oil tank for their Waipapa Hydro Station. The current tank was entering it’s last legs and a solution was needed to ensure that the interceptor could remain working and continue to separate the oil and sludge from the station’s dirty water discharge with the separated waste oil being stored in a tank. The replacement waste oil tank for Mercury had to fit the existing site footprint, meet existing storage capacity requirements, and the restraints around the height of the inlet level off the ground.

In search for a customised tank solution Mercury referred their contractors MB Century to Fuelchief to explore options.



GA Drawing for MB Century


The solution that provided to the customer was a custom designed Fuelchief Praxis, which fitted the requirements perfectly. A fully custom dimension Praxis was designed, utilising a unique shape that ensured strength in the field, while maximising the litres of storage per square metre.

The in-house design team worked on concept design which was then signed off by the client and produced from scratch in our manufacturing facility in Christchurch, New Zealand.





final Fuelchief Praxis on truck for delivery


The Praxis provided the required solution and was a great outcome for all involved. The tank was delivered with all constraints adhered to and even made it to location via transport from Christchurch to Waipapa with no issues. Among the features of that customised tank solution was:

  • fully engineered design certificate to AS1692
  • IL3 rated certificate for seismic area
  • unique sloping floor design
  • 15+ year marine grade paint system
  • transported to site without a need for a pilot!

Another great customer with a unique challenge met!

final Fuelchief Praxis on truck for delivery