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Posted Sunday, June 14th, 2020


Higgins Auckland is a branch of Higgins Group which is a dynamic and trusted New Zealand civil construction business with a ‘customer number one’ focus. The Auckland location manufactures tarsealing products for road projects. This site had an old existing kerosene tank that had failed an audit and needed to be promptly replaced to ensure compliance so the site wouldn’t be shut down by the authorities. To add to this, there was already significant infrastructure in place around the existing tank including existing pipework, so a new tank would need to be designed to match the existing pipework and minimise any extra expense for new piping. A shutdown would impact Higgins roading operation supply contracts; therefore a solution needed to be sourced within a very short time frame.


Fuelchief SuperVault Cylindrical Tank


The new replacement tank would need to be fully certified for kerosene; which is rated Class 3.1C which called for a full 4 -hour fire rated compliant tank design. After discussion with Fuelchief the SuperVault model SV3-10000 tank was chosen as the ideal solution in terms of its size and specifications to fit the requirements and based on the available space on site and fuel volume required. The SuperVault tank (being a certified 4-hour fire rated) design ticked all the boxes for the installation. Fuelchief worked with Higgins to modify the new tank design to match the existing site pipework which made the installation easy and minimised any rework required on site.

Higgins roadworks image


The SuperVault solution provided a certified compliant tank for the Test Certifier to sign off on without any issues. The incorporation of the tank location also made the site installation easy, with minimal disruption to the remainder of the Auckland site. The prompt solution allowed Higgins to continue their supply and product to their clients and gave them security of compliance of their tank system into the future.

Higgins roadworks image