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Piusi Panther 72 Electric Diesel Transfer Pump


The Piusi Panther 72 represents the results of a careful analysis of the requirements connected with transferring and distributing diesel fuel.

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Made by Italian manufacturer Piusi, the Panther 72 electric diesel transfer pump is reliable, quality and versatile in its application. The Panther 72 is the higher flow, flanged equivalent of the Piusi Panther 56 diesel refuelling pump, and thanks to its good flow rate is popular for the refuelling of vehicle fleets. Being mains powered, the Panther range are the perfect fuel dispensing pumps in many industries for use on stationary fuel transfer pump systems and bunded fuel storage tanks.

This cast iron constructed electric fuel transfer pump is supplied with both pump head and motor, incorporated bypass valve and 100 micron easily accessed filter. These self-priming, rotary vane diesel transfer pumps have an incorporated mechanical seal, which ensures that even in low temperatures the pump maintains its reliability. Other features of the Panther 72 Piusi fuel pump include its thermal motor overload protection, IP55 protection grade and its easy operation on/off switch.


  • 72 LPM, 230 volt, 500 amps, 2800 RPM
  • Cast iron pump body finished with anti-corrosion paint
  • Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetalic resin vanes
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Bypass valve incorporated in the pump body
  • IN-built 100 micron filter, easily accessible for cleaning
  • Motor protection grade IP55
  • Continuous running capability
  • Threaded 1” coupling directly on to pump body
  • Dimensions: 230L x 170H x 150W
  • Weight: 7.4kg (pump & wiring)

Package Options

Please find below the pump range for 230V pumps

  • PUMP-0011 – Piusi Panther 56, 230v Pump & Wiring only,
  • PUMP-0012 – Piusi Panther 72, 230v Pump & Wiring only,
  • PUMP-0014 – Piusi E120M Pump & Wiring only,
  • PUMP-0054 – Varisco JE1-160 High capacity Pump only. 1.5” ports
  • PUMP-0043 – Varisco JE3-100 High capacity pump only. 3” ports
  • PUMP-0001 – Piusi Cube 56 bowser, c/w 4m hose & auto nozzle
  • PUMP-0003 – Piusi Cube 70 bowser, c/w 4m hose & auto nozzle

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