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Piusi Cube 56 Fuel Dispenser

The Piusi Cube 56 Diesel Transfer Pump is the “ready to go” diesel dispensing solution from the renowned pump manufacturer, Piusi of Italy.

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The Piusi Cube 56 diesel transfer pump is the ready to go diesel dispensing solution that is not only quick and easy to install but it is also very reliable.

The Piusi Cube 56 is a diesel fuel dispenser for non-commercial use. The sturdy structure is designed for many dierent applications and can be fixed to walls, tanks, drums, or be set up freestanding on its own optional pedestal.

The self-priming vane pump is fitted with its own pressure bypass system and installed on anti-vibration supports. The induction motor is fitted with thermal motor overload protection, 4m delivery hose and automatic shut-off nozzle and swivel for easy to use re-fuelling. It comes complete with a integrated nozzle holder with stop/start pump lever.



  • 230v pump
  • Flow rate up to 56 l/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% mechanical flow meter
  • Noise level below 75 dB
  • 4m ¾” hose and auto nozzle with swivel

Package Options

Below are our 230V pump options

  • PUMP-0011 – Piusi Panther 56, 230v Pump & Wiring only
  • PUMP-0012 – Piusi Panther 72, 230v Pump & Wiring only
  • PUMP-0014 – Piusi E120M Pump & Wiring only
  • PUMP-0074 – Varisco JE1-160 High capacity Pump only. 1.5” ports
  • PUMP-0043 – Varisco JE3-100 High capacity pump only. 3” ports
  • PUMP-0001 – Piusi Cube 56 bowser, c/w 4m hose & auto nozzle
  • PUMP-0003 – Piusi Cube 70 bowser, c/w 4m hose & auto nozzle

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