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Varisco JE1-160 Self Priming Pump


The Varisco JE1-160 is a self priming, high capacity pump that can be used for a variety of applications.

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 The ‘J’ series are self-priming solids handling pumps. The Varisco JE1-160 is a high flow pump with ideal for a variety of industries.  They are used in many different applications throughout New Zealand and Australia – from industrial plants to animal effluent and civil contracting applications.

Being self-priming means that these pumps can prime by themselves if there is fluid in the casing.

Built from heavy materials, many of these pumps are still operating perfectly, even after years of continual service.  They offer a solution that enables you to get your job done effectively and efficiently as possible.


  • Long life – Hard wearing parts and heavy casing
  • Rapid self-priming
  • Easy maintenance – simple construction
  • Versatile
  • High flows


  • General transfer – clean, dirty, liquids with solids content etc.
  • Agriculture – Irrigation, animal effluent transfer, liquid fertiliser
  • Diesel transfer – bulk unload pump
  • Civil & Construction – Drainage, dewatering, water supply
  • Marine – Loading and unloading, bilge, fire fighting
  • Emergency – Sewage pumping, fire fighting, flood control
  • Any other high volume applications
  • Any liquids with solids in suspension.

Package Options

Below are the Fuelchief options for 230V pumps

  • PUMP-0011 – Piusi Panther 56, 230v Pump & Wiring only
  • PUMP-0012 – Piusi Panther 72, 230v Pump & Wiring only
  • PUMP-0014 – Piusi E120M Pump & Wiring only
  • PUMP-0074 – Varisco JE1-160 High capacity pump only. 1.5” ports
  • PUMP-0043 – Varisco JE3-100 High capacity pump only. 3” ports
  • PUMP-0001 – Piusi Cube 56 bowser, c/w 4m hose & auto nozzle
  • PUMP-0003 – Piusi Cube 70 bowser, c/w 4m hose & auto nozzle

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