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Heavy-Duty 800 Series Banlaw Nozzle

  • 800 lpm (211 gpm) diesel refuelling
  • Nozzles work with Banlaw receivers and vents to automatically shut off refuelling when the tank is full. No time wasted
  • Dependable ball locking mechanism ensures that nozzles do not ‘fly off’
  • Dry Break connections avoid fuel spills and sprays, even at high refuelling speeds
  • All steel mating parts, and fully repairable; with regular maintenance nozzles can last for decades
  • Ergonomic design for quick and easy manual handling
  • Range of factory spring settings so that nozzles and receivers are matched to suit your equipment set-up
  • Highly reliable – suitable for robotic refuelling
  • Safe, automated shut-off when the fuel tank is full
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Our 800 Series refuelling nozzles are the natural choice for most high flow, industrial diesel filling applications.

They incorporate automatic shut-off functionality when installed with correctly matched receivers and tank vents and are suitable for use with diesel fuel and similar fluids.

The 800 Series connects with the most commonly encountered Dry Break receiver size. It is therefore completely interchangeable with other equipment brands, simplifying the process of upgrading to a Banlaw solution.

The 800 Series Dry Break Nozzle has been designed and engineered for many applications such as mine refuelling, rail refuelling, but also ports, construction, fleets, forestry, and more. It is a 2″ nozzle with medium shut down pressure (60-75 kPa @ 400 LPM) as the default, though it is available in other spring settings to suit your requirements.

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