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Filter Bowl - For Gravity Feed

Gravity feed filter bowl for 12 or 24 volt pump systems

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Some tanks are fed with the use of a gravity feed system. This means that the user maintains the flow of fuel through the use of gravity. This particular clear bowl fuel filter works well with either 12v or 24v pump systems that service tanks using gravity feed.

Package Options

Our options are listed below for Clear Bowl filters.

  • FILT-0010 –  In-line clear bowl filter for gravity feed or 12/24 volt pump systems
  • FILT-0011 – In-line high-pressure clear bowl filter for petrol powered pump systems
  • FILT-0022 – Fuel filter replacement bowl for FILT-0010
  • FILT-0024 – Fuel filter standard element for FILT-0010
  • FILT-0013 – Standard Filter element for FILT-0010

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