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Posted Monday, November 8th, 2021

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Terra Cat is a leading New Zealand dealer for Caterpillar equipment, machines, engines and generators and have over 90 years’ experience in doing so.


Fuelchief were approached by Terra Power Systems who were requiring a number of customised diesel base/belly tanks to be situated beneath multiple Caterpillar generator sets to meet a customers specific requirement around extended run times and space limitations. Terra Power Systems provided with a number of key objectives for the design and in collaboration developed a full solution that included:

• The base tank needed to accommodate at least 6 tank ports within a spill box area for containment around the tank fill point
• A superior paint finish to ensure longevity of the base tank
• Tank to be no larger than 499L
• Simplicity and lowest possible cost were key to make a base tank option viable

Terra Power Systems Project team met with Fuelchief’s Guthrie Deck to further discuss the project onsite with the specified CAT generator that was being proposed for the project.
This allowed Guthrie to see exactly the model which would be sitting above the newly developed base tank. A full scope of measurement were taken to ensure the precise fit of both the base tank and generator to ensure these was no protruding parts hindering any of the generator operation (example, ensuring the lid of the spill box didn’t foul with the generator canopy or case the generator hoses to be compromised by the closing of the lid).


Praxis Base Tank Image


The project was briefed into Fuelchief’s design engineer David Lawson, who spent time completing a professional drawing of the base tank concept. Time was taken to ensure all required features were incorporated into the concept drawing with priority given to the functionality of the tank and its compatibility with the Caterpillar Generator it was to compliment. Budget was also crucial to ensure a cost-effective build with minimal amount of parts and ease of assembly.

Feedback on the concept was positive and Terra Power Systems requesting some more detailed features to be added for the clients benefit, such as a fall/slope across the lid of the base tank to ensure that rainwater would run off the top of the tank. The finished tank was then submitted and approved for manufacture.


Exploded View of Base tank

Exploded View of Base tank

CAT Generator on Fuelchief Base Tank


Once the tank drawing was finalised, Terra Cat approved an order of the first two base tanks, Fuelchief manufactured these accordingly and dispatched the tanks to them for client. The feedback was brilliant. The base tanks were commissioned to site and fitted perfectly beneath the Caterpillar generator, leaving Terra Power Systems client extremely satisfied.

Due to the first base tanks being customised perfectly to the generator and are fit for purpose, the clients’ confidence in Terra Power Systems proactiveness was further strengthened. In turn the collaboration with Terra Power Systems has also strengthened the relationship with Fuelchief as they were able to come to the table as a supplier that could meet expectations in a timely manner.


CAT Generator on Fuelchief Base Tank