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Posted Monday, September 6th, 2021


KiwiRail is New Zealand’s state-owned enterprise responsible for rail operations and inter-island ferries in New Zealand.
Comag is a services company in New Zealand that provides experts in drainlaying, roofing, plumbing, heating and gas fitting.


The KiwiRail Te Rapa maintenance facility required trade waste to be removed from below the maintenance facility. The solution needed to minimise downtime for staff as well as be secure and safe for transfer the transfer of fluid.  KiwiRail contacted Rene Thomson from Comag Limited who then came to us to review the range of products we potentially had that might be suitable for the job.

nside of Fuelchief TransCube


With the 3,000L capacity of the TransCube 30TCG, this was the ideal tank selected by Fuelchief for Comag/KiwiRail to minimise the frequency of removal and the addition of the 12V Pump kit allowed the waste to be easily pumped into a tanker and taken away. The onsite addition of a 3-phase diaphragm pump aided in pulling the waste into the tank from the sumps some 35 metres away.

Fuelchief - TransCube- Kiwi Rail - side view of TransCube Tank


With the tank installed the client is now spending less time dealing with their trade waste and can be confident their solution is secure and the opportunity for any spill is minimal. While the TransCube range is primarily designed and used for refuelling this application is an innovative use of this great product.

Fuelchief - TransCube- Kiwi Rail - side view of TransCube Tank

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