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Posted Monday, November 1st, 2021

About the Company:

Downer New Zealand is a company with a proud history that can be traced back to 1870. Since that time, they have built a significant proportion of the country’s roads, rail lines, telecommunications and hydroelectric schemes that enabled New Zealand to grow into the country it is today.  More recently Downer have become actively involved in water and renewable energy schemes and with more than 5000 employees located in over 60 towns and cities across New Zealand, they play an integral role in keeping New Zealand’s essential infrastructure running. Downer designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities and are the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand.


Up at Port Whangarei Downer recently took delivery of a SuperVault SVR-4999 and also a DC100 Diesel tank – both supplied via Z Energy for Downers bitumen plant upgrade. The site challenge was there was an old 20,000 litre twin compartment cylindrical tank in place that had been deemed non-compliant by the local Tank Certifier, and there was only a limited window of time to organise a suitable replacement and ensure it was up and running ahead of the upcoming Tarsealing season.


Images: The new SuperVault diesel tank in place for Downers, and after the installation.


Fuelchief Downer Case Study


Fuelchief has a long standing relationship as a tank Supplier to Z Energy; which along with our SuperVault tank being certified for the Class 3.1C product needing to be stored on site; made Fuelchief the obvious tank supplier for this situation. We worked with the site representatives and also the ECL Group site installers to finalise a design that closely matched the current fittings layout on the existing tank to minimise the onsite pipework needed during the tank changeover process.

As there was also a requirement to house a Transfer pump assembly for the SuperVault tank refilling we designed a pump bay by extending the roof and walls of the outer tank, and installed a locking door mechanism for security.

SuperVault Back View of Tank for Downer


Feedback received indicated the installation and commissioning went smoothly and Downers are now starting into the Tarsealing season and are very pleased with the new installation. Attached are interesting ‘before & after’ pics showing how Downers have future proofed their bitumen facility for many years to come.

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