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Posted Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023



Delegat Group have invested in state-or-the-art wineries and world class vineyards in the prime grape growing regions of New Zealand and Australia. They focus on making the world’s most sought-after Super Premium wines and brands.






Delegat Group was developing a new large-scale vineyard with over 100 Frost Fans to protect the grapes through the cooler months. A standard diesel dispensing setup at their existing sites was taking up to 30 minutes to fill a trailer tank which given the sheer number of fans to fill at the new site was not a viable option.

Fern Energy (formerly Farmlands Fuel) Territory Manager Phil Gavin engaged with Fuelchief due to a shared history of custom solutions for other clients across Viticulture, Earthmoving and Marine industries.


fuel storage risks


Fuelchief supplied an FC30 Container Tank with a Custom High Flow Dispensing setup controlled by Everlink AFM Fuel Management System and two Supercube 2000L Transportable tanks.

The Fuelchief FC30 Container tank has a safe fill of 28,000L which is sufficient to cover two nights of frost fighting with the fans running at full capacity. A 350L per minute pump system with todo try break coupler was fitted to enable filling of the transportable tanks in under 7 minutes, reducing down time by more than 1 hour per night of frost fighting.

The Everlink AFM fuel management system was selected for its ability to provide predetermined fill volumes with accuracy at high speed as well as industry leading reporting through it’s state-of-the-art web portal.

A tanker unloading pump was also specified to minimise the time the Fern Energy delivery driver spent on site.

The Supercube 2000 was chosen for its capacity and footprint making it ideal to be trailer mounted. In addition, the robust double skin provides environmental security and is suitable for a long hard life of offroad conditions.






delegat FP30 container tank


With the tank in place, Delegat can now focus on developing their new vineyard to full capacity. With the time saved refilling the trailer tank, it is possible for the site operations team to keep all 100 fans fully operational during any significant frost event.

Delegat National Vineyards Plant & Equipment Manager Andy Luffman says the reduced filling time is exactly the solution they were looking for to keep operational costs down during the frost events. Delegat are now looking to replicate the new system at any new developments and as the existing sites come up for renewal.

delegat FP30 container tank

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