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Posted Sunday, April 12th, 2020

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A cost effective solution to reduce electrical energy to the BCI community (Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation). Effectively a storage facility to not only ensure a reliable water supply, but to meet peak demand of BCI members. Fuelchief supplied to our client for this project.




Construction started in February 2018, and a decision was made that rather than install more pumps down in the Rakaia River and pay for high electricity connection charges, the more cost-effective option was to hold the water and release it for a few weeks when demand by the BCI was high.

The project had many key suppliers to pull the job together including: the designers of the pond Damwatch, engineering and built by Canterbury contractors, Rooney Earthmoving Limited, Carrfields Irrigation, Electraserve and Rubicon Water Management. Implemented to back up Gough Cat generators was a Fuelchief TransCube 50TCGCAB.

This tank was selected for its sheer size, and the multi-use option of having 4 power pump ports for efficient re-fuelling. Guthrie Deck worked with our client to provide Carrfields irrigation with a tank which was fit-for-purpose and was delivered in a timely fashion so as to ensure there were no delays with the project.

TransCube 50TCGCAB for Akarana Pond Projec


The result was the successful implementation of the tank as part of the wider project. Two diesel generators (powered by a Fuelchief TransCube 50TCGCAB) are able to be used to pump water from the Rangitata Diversion Race to the pond. The area now has an effectively storage facility to ensure it can meet peak demand in the network when BCI members need it.


(source: https://www.bciwater.co.nz/news/bcis-akarana-pond-intergenerational-infrastructure/
(images: Ashburton Courier, ODT and BCI)

TransCube 50TCGCAB for Akarana Pond Projec

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