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Transcube with Cabinet 27TCGCAB - 2,700L

27TCGCAB $9,702.88

  • Capacity: 2,751L
  • Safe fill: 2,700L
  • Weight: 1,100kg (empty)
  • Storage options: diesel and waste oil only
  • External dimensions: 1550 x 2,280 x 1320mm (w,l,h)
  • Security: equipment and ports are secure and spills are contained and a large 500mm deep lockable cabinet to house all pumps and equipment
  • Secure hose: access enables fuelling while cabinet is locked
  • Secure lockable access hatch:  to house pumps (hand, electric or petrol powered) as well as feed and return connections for up to 3 generators.
  • Access manhole: allows access to inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection
  • A power house: ability to supply fuel for up to 3 generators and refuel plant machinery all at the same time.
  • Can be transported full: 2,700 litre model can be transported full of diesel without the need for ADR driver training
  • Corner brackets: easy to lift by crane and easily stackable 2 high (full) and 3 high (empty)
  • Reduce space: as these tanks can be stacked on top of each other
  • Galvanised frame: reliable and secure structure with added protection from bumps, scratches and dings
  • Removable inner tank: for routine cleaning, maintenance and inspection
  • Internal baffles: designed to maximise stability when handling the tank full of fuel
  • 110% bunded: built-in, weather proof, secondary containment eliminates the need for drip trays
  • Full load lifting: eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles designed to allow handling of the TransCube 27TCGCAB full of fuel.
  • 4-way lift pockets: quick and easy manoeuvring
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty
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The Fuelchief TransCube 27TCGCAB is a 110% bunded transportable tank, that covers multiple diesel storage applications across multiple industries including construction, marine and agricultural to name a few. UN approved for transport, this transportable fuel tank features two lockable equipment cabinets and 4-way forklift channels.

The mid-sized TransCube 27TCGCAB offers a range of solutions for the user. Below are the most common uses for this transportable tank:

  • Short-term fuel requirements: The TransCube 27TCGCAB is the ideal solution for short to medium term onsite fuel storage. TransCube fuel tanks can be supplied as a standby tank or as a complete fuel storage package with pumping equipment.
  • Generator & Auxiliary Equipment: TransCube 27TCGCAB has the ability to quickly and efficiently connect to 3 diesel powered pieces of equipment and refuel equipment via pump at the same time. As an auxiliary fuel tank, it provides longer engine running time, reducing the number of site visits required for refuelling. Fuel can be easily dispensed by manual or electric pump option, ensuring productivity and efficiency on site.
  • Fuel Transport: meeting multiple worldwide transport regulations, the TransCube 27TCGCAB can transport fuel safely and efficiently anywhere you need it. By transporting fuel to site with a TransCube, you are ready to start upon arrival due to its rapid deployment. TransCubes can be easily relocated between sites, reaching even the most difficult locations.
  • Work Site Safety: The TransCube Global 27TCGCAB’s unique bunded design and integral equipment cabinet captures any accidental drips or spills and eliminated the need for external drip trays. TransCubes are designed for safe and easy handling whilst full – carrying multiple certifications and approvals that ensure safety for the environment and operator. With internal baffles, forklift pockets and lift/stack corner brackets, the TransCube decreases set up and transport time.


3 year warranty from date of shipment

Package Options

Fuelchief offers the following for TransCube with Cabinet 27TCGCAB tank. These are listed below:

  • 27TCGCAB – Fuelchief 27TCG Bare Diesel Tank (2700 SFL) with Cabinet
  • 27TCGCABP6M12V – Fuelchief 27TCG Diesel Tank (2700 SFL) with Cabinet, 1″ 12V Bi Pump Kit, Filter, Mechanical Meter, 6m Hose & Nozzle
  • 27TCGCABH6M –  Fuelchief 27TCG Diesel Tank (2700 SFL) with Cabinet, Honda 2″ Pump Kit, Filter, Mechanical Meter, 6m Hose & Nozzle
  • 27TCGCABHHR10 – Fuelchief 27TCG Diesel Tank (2700 SFL) with Cabinet, Honda 2″ Pump Kit, Filter, Mechanical Meter, 10m Hose Reel & Nozzle

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360° views of 27TCGCAB Fuel Tank

360° views of our Fuelchief TransCube 27TCGCAB transportable fuel tank.

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