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Pyrotector Series - 1,250L - 110,000L


  • Extra security: secondary contained primary tank
  • Compliant: with international approvals and certifications for UL142 and SwRI 97-04
  • Fire resistant: 2 hours fire exposure resistant
  • Storage: can store combustible liquids
  • Emergency venting: for primary and secondary containment
  • Interstitial monitoring: capability
  • Maximum protection: a 3-coat industrial painting system for maximum protection
  • Customised for your needs: multiple compartment tank configurations
  • Earthquake proof: integral pedestal supports provide seismic anchoring to AS1170
  • Durable light weight design: low transport costs due to light-weight construction
  • Impact protected: rated in compliance with safe work instrument
  • Cylindrical design: available in cylindrical constructions up to 110,000 litres
  • Rectangular design: available in rectangular constructions up to 7,000 litres
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty
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The Pyrotector fuel tank is the 2-hour fire resistant flammable storage tank that offers a light-weight solution to your fuel storage problems.

Made with a double-skin steel tank design, the Pyrotector fuel tanks require no further bunding and provide 100% secondary containment.

The customised design of the Pyrotector makes it an ideal solution for many industries including demanding ones such as diesel supply for truck stops, transport yards, non-retail sites, remote airfields, industrial sites and other areas where isolation distances are not critical. For flammable storage in building basements or in high traffic areas, you may be required to install the higher grade and compliant SuperVault.


2 Hour Fire Resistant Tank – Safe & Secure

To meet the demands of a 2-hour fire resistant environment, the Pyrotector custom tank range has been designed to comply with various international regulations. This makes the Pyrotector above ground tank suitable for the storage of combustible liquids.


True Secondary Containment

Secondary containment is as important as primary containment and the Pyrotector Fire Resistant tank is engineered and constructed for maximum protection.  No additional bunding is required for the Pyrotector. The secondary containment tank conforms to international requirements and is both pressure- and vacuum-testable on site.

Emergency Venting

fire-tanks-flammable-storage. For maximum safety the Pyrotector is equipped with an UL-rated emergency vent. The emergency vent controls the pressure in this flammable storage in extreme fire conditions to eliminate explosion.

Standard free-to-air venting controls the pressures changes experienced in normal conditions.


Extended Warranty

A 10-year warranty is offered, providing the fire tank is installed and maintained in accordance with the industry standards, including de-watering of the primary tank.


Styles & Sizes

The Pyrotector tank range by Fuelchief is available in cylindrical and rectangular configurations and in a large range of sizes. Please contact us for details.

Model Model NumberCapacity (litres)
PY1PY1 - 12501250
PY1PY1 - 22002200
PY1PY1 - 35003500
PY1PY1 - 53005300
PY1PY1 - 70007000
PY1PY1 - 1050010,500
PY2PY2- 56005,600
PY2PY2 - 84008,400
PY2PY2 - 1110011,100
PY2PY2 - 1660016,600
PY2PY2 - 2110021,100
PY2PY2 - 2490024,900
PY3PY3 - 81008,100
PY3PY3 - 1210012,100
PY3PY3 - 1600016,000
PY3PY3 - 2010020,100
PY3PY3 - 2400024,000
PY3PY3 - 3190031,900
PY3PY3 - 4390043,900
PY3PY3 - 4780047,800
PY4PY4 - 2520025,200
PY4PY4 - 3160031,600
PY4PY4 - 4410044,100
PY4PY4 - 5020050,200
PY4PY4 - 5660056,600
PY4PY4 - 6270062,700
PY4PY4 - 7520075,200
PY4PY4 - 8100081,000
PY5PY5 - 100000100,000
PY5PY4 - 110000110,000

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