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Abbi Road Tow 10ABBI - 985L


  • Capacity Fuel: 985L
  • Safe Fill Fuel: 930L
  • Total Weight: 480kg (empty)
  • Total Weight: 1335kg (full)
  • Storage options: diesel
  • External dimensions: 2300 x 1416 x 1284mm (l x w x h)
  • Compliance: UL 142, CAN/ULC-S601, ADR, TAN15085
  • 110% bunded: weatherproof bund ensures safe and environmentally compliant transport and storage
  • Forklift pockets: quick and easy manoeuvring when detached from trailer
  • Internal baffles: designed to maximise stability and safety when handling the tank full of fuel
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty
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The 10AABI Road Tow is a 985 litre storage tank built to transport fuel on public roads and highways as well as refuelling construction sites. The full-load lifting eyes, internal baffles and forklift pockets provide secure and reliable mobility for fuel.

The tank is a double-walled 110% bunded design and has been built to strict environmental compliance for safe transport and storage of fuel. The Abbi Road Tow’s impressive holding capability enables quick onsite refuelling of machinery, thus decreasing downtime and increasing productive hours.

As an EPA approved transportable fuel tank, it features a fully enclosed cabinet that houses and protects the fuelling equipment against theft and the elements.

The Abbi Road Tow offers many applications for the user. Below are the most common uses for this transportable tank:

  • Fast mobile refuelling: the Abbi Road Tow is a safe and reliable fuel storage solution for any location that requires quick refuelling of construction or auxiliary equipment.
  • Small and short-term fuel requirement: for logistically challenging sites and remote locations, the Abbi Road Tow can be safely towed for rapid refuelling. Due to its mobile design it can be supplied as a standby tank or a mobile refueller (offering both applications as one unit). The Abbi Road Tow tank is designed to operate efficiently on sites that require small amounts of fuel storage.
  • Generators and auxiliary equipment: The Abbi Road Tow can be connected to one diesel powered piece of equipment and dispense fuel by pump at the same time – simultaneously extending generator run times and refuelling machinery efficiently.
  • Work Site Safety: the Abbi Road Tow unique bunded design ensures safety of your non-toxic liquid. The Abbi Road Tow is designed for safe and easy handling whilst full – carrying multiple certifications and approvals that ensure safety for the environment and operator.


3 year warranty (tank) from date of shipment
1 year warranty (trailer and pump) only

Package Options

Fuelchief offers the following for the 10ABBI listed below. If you have any questions just contact Fuelchief:

  • TA-100210ABBI Bare Tank
  • 10ABBIP6M​ – 10ABBI with 1″ Bi-pump Kit c/w Filter, Flow meter, 6m Hose & Nozzle
  • 10ABBIH6M – 10ABBI with Honda 1″ Pump Kit c/w Filter, Flow meter, 6m Hose & Nozzle
  • 10ABBIH6MT   10ABBI on single axle galvanised trailer with Honda 1″ Pump Kit c/w Filter, Flow meter, 6m Hose & Nozzle

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360° views of ABBI on trailer fuel tank

360° views of ABBI on trailer fuel tank at our Fuelchief HQ in New Zealand

ABBI Trailer Tank Video

Product overview of the ABBI tank and trailer option

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