Global Case Study: TransCube Helps Re-power Hospital in the UK

May 20, 2019 Fuelchief Case Study - Re-powering Critical Buildings

Keeping critical centres running is a priority, especially when the health and well being of people are at risk. Here is a case study on an emergency situation that needed a TransCube asap to provide a reliable solution.


South Yorkshire (UK) hospital lost power due to a blown transformer.


The customer delivered a 500kVA generator and a TransCube Global tank (20TCG– 2,091 Litres*) within just two hours after receiving the request.
TransCubes are portable, off-the-shelf products and can easily be transported (full of fuel) in any emergency.


The 20TCG is an ideal solution for short-term fuel storage and was quickly able to assist in this emergency.
Both the generator and tank stayed on site for a few days after the initial fault to ensure their offices could remain open.

Find out more about our full range of TransCube portable fuel tanks here.

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