10 Ways To Save On Fuel

September 3, 2018 Fuelchief website - 10 ways to save fuel and money

Fuel isn’t cheap (and even more so now with the sky-rocketing fuel prices occurring in New Zealand and abroad) and every time you start the car, the indicator on that gauge is heading in one direction. But, just like you might turn off the lights in a room when you don’t need them to save electricity costs, there are ways of reducing the amount you spend with some of these tips:

  1. Be proud of your vehicle – Regular servicing, the right tyres for the conditions, correct tyre pressure and wheel alignment make a difference. A well-maintained car can use 10 to 20{205dda447ccc7b790b2f97c46e5462399228e5a81e5bebf197c17406fbb6d515} less fuel than an inadequately maintained one.
  2. Use public transport where possible – This is a great method to reduce congestion on our roads. Ride sharing is also a another great option. –
  3. Walk where you can – If you are travelling a distance that can be walked (say to your corner dairy) walk instead. This also allows you to get some fresh air and gets you moving.
  4. Stick to the speed limit – 100km/h instead of 110km/h you can cut around 13{205dda447ccc7b790b2f97c46e5462399228e5a81e5bebf197c17406fbb6d515} off your fuel bill.
  5. Fill to the brim on your visit – fuelling once is more cost-effective than fuelling $10 here and there. Keep it consistent.
  6. Don’t add snacks! – Many of us go to the fuel stations and then pick up a magazine, a chocolate bar and a coffee. If you can avoid these little temptations you will save.
  7. Download Gaspy/FuelMap – it’s a great ap to show the lowest petrol prices in your area (in New Zealand) in Australia you can use FuelMap. Both apps are free to download and take the hassle out of guessing.
  8. If you own a ute, invest in a ute tank – these allow you to have fuel available on hand and also allow you to choose your fuel purchase from whoever has the best price on the day.
  9. Keep your load down – Sounds obvious, but a heavier vehicle means the engine has to work harder.
  10. Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle with cruise control – if you are investing in a new vehicle opt for a fuel efficient one or go hybrid.

Some of these little changes can make a world of difference. If you have some more suggestions share them with us.


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