Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars A Year With A State-Of-The-Art Diesel Fuel Tank That’s Cash Flow Positive From Day One

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Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On Diesel Fuel Every Single Year

At Fuelchief, we specialise in state-of-the-art diesel fuel tanks which help businesses slash their operating costs. Our DC Series tanks are perfect for contractors and SMEs, allowing you to conveniently store between 2,500-68,000 litres of fuel on site.

A fuel tank at your workplace will enable you to purchase fuel directly from providers at wholesale prices. This could easily save you up to 10 cents per litre. Within a year the tank will pay for itself – and you’ll get all the credit from your boss!

Stop Paying Staff To Waste Time Filling Up At The Service Station

As well as saving thousands of dollars on diesel fuel costs, you will also be able to reduce downtime and save money on labour. Instead of travelling to a service station out of their way to refuel, taking extended breaks and soaking up valuable productivity time. Your staff can simply do it on site at the end of their shift.

Our clients tell us they save an average of 15 minutes per vehicle every time it needs to be refuelled. That’s hundreds of labour hours a year you could deploy elsewhere to make your business even more profitable!

Claim Your Free Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis

Find Out How Much A State-Of-The-Art DC Series Fuel Tank Can Save Your Business! Plus, Get $400 Off The RRP For

The Difference

40+ years’experience
Fuel tanks sold
Save up to10 cents per litre
Paid off in12 months guaranteed
2,000L Free Fuel Guarantee
Safe for the Environment
Over 100 happy customers

How You Could Save $46,800* In A Year With A Fuelchief Tank

Want to know how much you could save with a Fuelchief tank? Let’s break it down...

Say you have a fleet of 20 vehicles and use 208,000 litres of fuel in a 12-month period. Let’s also say that you save 10 cents per litre – because you now buy fuel at a wholesale price.

208,000 X 0.10 = $20,800 saved on fuel per year!

Now let’s assume that all of your vehicles need to be filled up 2 times per week. Every time you fill up on site you save 15 minutes – because you no longer have to go to a petrol station.

20 X 2 X 15 = 600 minutes or 10 labour hours each week!

Now let’s assume your drivers are paid $50 per hour…

50 X 10 = $500 per week or $26,000 every year!

Add the fuel savings and labour costs together and you could save an astonishing $46,800 in a single year and $3,900 a month!

With a $0 deposit and monthly financing from $220 per month, you’ll be saving money from day one.

Claim Your Free Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis

Find Out How Much A State-Of-The-Art DC Series Fuel Tank Can Save Your Business! Plus, Get $400 Off The RRP For

Here’s How It Works…


Claim Your Free Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis

Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your industry, needs and budget – then we’ll send you a free quote and cost analysis that reveals exactly how much money you can expect to save with a DC Series fuel tank.


We Deliver And Install Your Brand New Fuel Tank

If you’re happy with our proposal we’ll go ahead and deliver your brand new fuel tank within 10 working days – then our experienced team will install it* and make sure it meets all the relevant government safety regulations. *Subject to region.


You Save Thousands Of Dollars On Fuel And Labour Costs

With a Fuelchief tank on site, your staff will waste less time stopping at fuel stations and you’ll be able to shop around for the best wholesale price on fuel… adding tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line every year!

Claim Your Free Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis

Find Out How Much A State-Of-The-Art DC Series Fuel Tank Can Save Your Business! Plus, Get $400 Off The RRP For

Take Advantage Of The $150,000 Instant Asset Write-off For Aussie Businesses

As of March 12th 2020, the Australian Government increased the instant asset write-off from $30,000 to $150,000. That means, if your business has a turnover of less than $500 million, you could purchase a brand new DC series fuel tank and claim 50% of the cost as a deduction straight away.

For those who qualify, there has never been a more affordable time to invest in a brand new fuel tank! This opportunity is only available until the end of December 2020, so you need to be quick or you may miss out!

Pay Off Your New Fuel Tank With Your Savings – Giving You An ROI Within The First Year!

We understand that upfront costs of any significant investment can cause a strain on cash flow. That’s why we offer affordable financing across all DC Series fuel tanks. You could install a brand new tank at your workplace for just $220 a month.

The best part? Because you’ll slash fuel and labour costs by so much, you’ll be able to cover the repayments using the money you save. Within 12 months the fuel tank will pay for itself – giving you more money to use elsewhere in the business.

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Operations And Slash The Time Spent Filling Up On Fuel

A DC Series fuel tank will increase the efficiency of your operations so much you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. Rather than waste time heading out to the service station to refuel, vehicles can be cleaned and filled up at the end of each working day.

You’ll start every day nice and relaxed knowing the entire fleet is full of fuel and ready to go. It’s just one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule!

Claim Your Free Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis

Find Out How Much A State-Of-The-Art DC Series Fuel Tank Can Save Your Business! Plus, Get $400 Off The RRP For

I have no hesitation at all in supplying a testimonial for Fuelchief and would recommend their products & service without any reservation. I’ve spoken on numerous occasions to others who have used Fuelchief and there has never been any negative feedback. I will continue to use Guthrie & the team should any occasion arise where there products or services are required.


“... Discussions back and forth with Fuelchief and Allied Petroleum have given us a practical solution for sustaining power station operations during an event. An added bonus is the ability to fuel our fleet onsite, which has also bought some savings to the business.”


The Fuelchief tank and Sapphire FMS have been a great investment. I would recommend it to any company that is considering onsite refueling.…Overall dealing with the whole team at Fuelchief has been a great experience and we would highly recommend them


I’m very pleased with the Fuelchief DC25. It has saved us time and money. As my business grows, I will be in contact with Fuelchief again to discuss a larger tank!


We have saved 125 trips to the servo, $5,000 in man-hours, and $15,000 per annum (40 cents a litre) by having a bulk fuel tank on site.


The Fuelchief tank and Sapphire FMS have been a great investment. It has saved us time and money.


Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why A Fuelchief Tank Is The Perfect Investment…

  • You’ll Have Happier, More Efficient Staff With fuel stored on site, your staff will never have to waste time at the petrol station ever again – and like they say, time is money!

  • Slash Your Fuel Costs By Up To 30% Rather than pay the inflated price at service stations you can shop around and find the best wholesale price, saving you 10-20 cents on every litre you buy!

  • Tax Time Will Be Easier Than Ever A Fuelchief tank reduces the need to stockpile receipts to claim rebates for fuel, making life far easier when the end of financial year comes around

  • Enjoy Total Control Over Your Fuel Supply You’ll have 24-hour visibility and complete control over your fuel supply right down to the litre – secured on site in a high quality, easy-to-maintain fuel tank!

  • Buy From A Highly Reputable Supplier Enjoy peace of mind buying from a company with 40+ years’ experience and more knowledge about fuel tanks than just about anyone south of the equator

Claim Your Free Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis

Find Out How Much A State-Of-The-Art DC Series Fuel Tank Can Save Your Business! Plus, Get $400 Off The RRP For

Your New Fuel Tank Will Pay For Itself In 12 Months Or We’ll Shout You 2,000L Of Free Fuel GUARANTEED

Fuelchief DC Tanks are engineered to save you and your business time and money. That’s why, in the highly unlikely event your tank hasn’t completely paid for itself within the first 12 months, we will buy you 2,000L of fuel for free.* We can’t be any fairer than that. *T&C’s apply


What are the dimensions?
We have a wide range of tanks, suiting all fuel requirements and purposes. Our range spans from 400 litre ute tanks, through to 68,000 litre stationary tanks and all the way up to 110,000 litre fire-rated SuperVaults. Our consultants will be able to advise on the range of storage options and volumes suitable to your needs.
Can I place these tanks on a hard-fill base?
At Fuelchief we recommend that tanks are placed on a reinforced concrete pad of an appropriate thickness to carry the weight of the tank at full capacity or stronger if needed for added requirements. We offer certified foundation plans for all our models and can assist with any one-off requirements to ensure accurate, safe placement and council sign-off.
Do I need to bolt my tank to the ground?
In New Zealand, you are legally required to anchor down your fuel tank as per WorkSafe regulations only if it is hard piped to a boiler, burner or genset. In Australia this is not required, except for the Northern Territory where seismic restraints will be needed (due to cyclones and winds).
Do you offer finance?
Yes, we do offer finance. Our sales contact can run through this process with you.
Where are they made?
Fuelchief tanks are produced internationally, under strict quality and build requirements. All tanks are thoroughly inspected by our New Zealand and Australian teams before installation, before being customised and installed locally.
What’s the warranty?
Warranty on the DC tanks is 3 years for the tank and 1 year for internals
How long does delivery take?
For our DC/DCD Series product we carry the bare tanks in stock so aim for a 10-working day turn around, should your order be one of our standard tank kits (also known as packages; such as economy, basic, basic plus, industry etc).
What are the payment terms?
We offer a range of flexible payment options to suit your cash flow needs. Fuelchief are proud to be supporting businesses through these tough times - talk to our team today to find out which option suits you best.
Do you organise full delivery to site?
We can organise full delivery to site if you require this. Many customers have their own companies they like to use so we like to give flexibility here.

Our DC Series Fuel Tanks Are Perfect For Your Industry

  • Logistics and Transport

  • Mining

  • Marine

  • Power Generation

  • Forestry

  • Fuel Distribution

  • Hire & Rental Companies

  • Councils & Government Bodies

  • Manufacturing

  • Building & Construction

  • Agriculture & Farming

  • Aviation

  • Military

  • Engineering

Limited Time Offer: Save $400 For Only

Would you like to save hundreds of dollars on one of our premium quality DC Series fuel tanks for your business? Then we have great news! For only, everyone who claims a free measure, quote and cost analysis will also receive $400 off the purchase price of their fuel tank.

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Claim Your Free, No-Obligation Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis & For Save $400 On Your New Fuel Tank

Fill out your details below and we’ll soon contact you to discuss the perfect fuel tank for your business. Here’s everything we’ll cover during your phone consultation:

  • How to find the perfect fuel tank for your site which maximises your savings so you can run a more efficient and profitable business… even if you have no idea where to start or what capacity fuel tank you need!

  • A detailed estimate which outlines exactly how much you can expect to save on fuel and labour costs on a 1-year, 3-year and 5-year projection (Hint: most of our clients save tens of thousands of dollars every single year)

  • Our unique financing option that can give you a cash flow positive tank from day one and enable you to purchase a state-of-the-art DC series fuel tank from as little as $220 a month

  • After your session, we’ll also provide you with a comprehensive savings analysis report as well as a timeline breakdown which outlines when you could have your fuel tank safely installed and ready to use

Remember: The $400 discount is for only! Claim your free measure, quote and savings analysis now or you may miss out.

Claim Your Free Measure, Quote And Savings Analysis

Find Out How Much A State-Of-The-Art DC Series Fuel Tank Can Save Your Business! Plus, Get $400 Off The RRP For