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Posted Monday, November 15th, 2021


NPD (Nelson Petroleum Distributors Ltd) is a New Zealand Family owned and operated wholesale distributor of Mobil fuels and Castrol lubricants, delivering the highest quality service.


The main challenge for this project was for the client to have a compliant storage solution for a corrosive hazardous additive. The client came to Fuelchief due to the customised nature of the storage requirements needed. The tanks that needed to be developed had to store 10,000L, be compliant throughout New Zealand, be visually aesthetic and to meet budget with quality materials used for its production (ie constructed from fit-for-purpose materials).

Vaguard Fuel Tank

Vanguard Fuel Tank


Image of two Fuelchief Vanguard Tanks for NPD


The Vanguard tank was chosen because of its ability store 10,000L in a rectangle shaped tank, was registered and compliant to WorkSafe SWI-2017, and could be made from stainless steel due to the corrosive nature of the liquid to be stored. The inner tank was made from 304 stainless along with all of the fittings, and the Overfill Prevention Valve was rigorously tested over time to make sure the floats wouldn’t corrode in the additive.





Image of Vanguard Tank - Fuelchief - Front On


NPD’s customer can now roll out their additive offering on all 5 of their sites, secure in the knowledge that they have a long-term solution to help improve their business.

Image of Vanguard Tank - Fuelchief - Front On

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